We take up critical role and fill the gap between an innovative idea and ground-breaking solution of practical challenge. We believe that for many societal challenges, in fact, there are already solutions.


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Our mission is to help ideas flow, materialize and make impact. We take up critical role and fill the gap between an innovative idea and ground-breaking solution of practical challenge. We believe that for many societal challenges, in fact, there are already solutions. They just need to be freed from the silos where they are trapped and transform into feasible projects. We follow developments in different sectors and geographies and look for the space where the innovations can find new purposes and fertile ground to grow. We are a non-governmental, non-profit project management organisation established under the civil law of Slovakia.

Our approach:

Our favourite tactics are pilot projects and building of platforms. Both of them require combination of open mindedness, excellent communication with stakeholders and strong project management skills. That’s the skillset we are willing to invest to achieve tangible results by applying new approaches.

Pilot projects aim to bridge the gap between nice slides at a conference and massive uptake of the idea. This tool is way too often neglected on the path from strategy to action plan to implementation program. We believe that they are important part of development from three main reasons:

  • Breaking the ice, especially when the idea faces resistance of legacy practices (“you know, it’s just not feasible over here…”)
  • Validation, verification and fine-tuning of the chosen path  
  • Providing quick-wins, where the strategic changes take years to show

We actively seek the ideas which are ready to be implemented on pilot scale and develop projects contributing to larger and longer-term changes. By platforms we do not strictly mean some application with many users. We provide more complex, strategic view. We create setups where 1+1 equals 3 or more. The platforms we build are ecosystems with a defined purpose and primary goal of fostering synergies. We focus on two critical elements:

  • Bringing together the right stakeholders. Synergies are created by complementing interests and economies of scale
  • Managing standards. Standards are the common ground making it easy for the stakeholders to communicate and collaborate

Focus areas

We chose to invest our energy, time, and experience – as well as that of our partners – in defined primary focus areas.

Reduction of environmental impacts

As the clock is ticking and we face here more and more pressing challenge, we can’t stand aside. Maintaining suitable conditions for human life on our planet requires substantial changes to status quo. Future technologies e.g. for energy production or carbon storage are part of our hopes, but there is certainly immense potential for application of already existing knowledge. Big data, behavioural science, artificial intelligence and many other tools are still waiting for their full application in this area.

Co-design of public administration services

Given the unique combination of our backgrounds and interest in well functioning governments, we feel obliged to engage in this complicated area. Most public administrations have substantial space for improvement in terms of efficiency, quality of services and elimination of red tape. Many of these challenges can be addressed by better involvement of the citizens and businesses in the design of the services they are supposed to use. That requires new formats of communication different from simple statements of problems and criticizing lack of actions and waste of public money. 

The team

Michal Ohrablo

Relentless proponent of systemic innovations and creator of projects, using cross-cutting knowledge of many fields of business and public administration he worked with. Aiming at long-distance goals both in professional activities, as well as in favourite sports.

Michaela Balážová

Happy leader of challenging programs and projects in public administration and in commercial sector. She loves to organize people (somebody will call it, that she commands people – don’t trust them!) and learn new things.

Jana Ohrablová

Creative marketing enthusiast, strategist, project manager and expert on corporate social responsibility. Always able to re-use and re-implement “old” and “common” to generate something fresh and inspiring – ideas, approaches, as well as things.

The core team has combined:

  • 50 years in executive and project managerial positions
  • 40 years in government
  • 56 years in private sector
  • 38 years in communications
  • 35 years in IT - and lot more…

Co-operating network
We nurture wide network of experts and partner institutions to engage our projects.



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